Gelacht wird Im Keller
serious folk-We only laugh in private!

Barack Obama became president, Sarah Nuru Germany's Next Top Model, but it is going to take another 100 years before they make you Zizzlekönigin in Kassel, Hessen. So there you are, a local celebrity with a career highlight at an event sponsored by Galeria Kaufhof. A Koryphäe with frogs legs prosting and mingling in a mini skirt. Drinks are free and you try not to blurt out globalization surging in your chest. How long will you hold it in? If this goes on forever you will go mad. What are you waiting for? When will you jam at City Point?...where is your adventure? Those other guyz crossed a desert, survived the Mediterranean sea and are now driving Audis! and you? when are you finishing your degree?  I mean, you used to look up to Nancy Drew when you were a teenager..now you are 15 years older than the Hardy Boys and you are still preparing for the action packed life? seriously? come on! “

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