Excerpt from The Secret

Self published surrealistic zine done as part of the PROCESS! Festival presented by Somerset House and Somerset House Studios residents OOMK.

"In the context of high-speed media and access to infinite information, how do we create time, space, and approaches that can enable us to process the social and political climate and create new media and outputs?"

Special Projects

Excerpt from an illustration editorial based on puberty in 1990s Nairobi

Feeling stuck in a strict Catholic single-gender education school, a young girl sits in class and looks outside the huge windows at the street life outside the school gates. She fantasizes and imagines who and what she desires to look like after being liberated from her gated world.

published by Ground magazine Berlin.

Excerpt from NUMÉRO BERLIN The Love Issue (2022)

Album Cover for Toolman. Dancehall Artist from Uganda based in Köln.