Design & Identity

Thesis focus point
Identity politics meet personal branding/ Ethical on your very own conscience / inspired by the economics of hope and the clash between the velocity of
upward mobility and the  
contentment of opulence.

Ni Sawa Hasa!  couldn’t be better!

A multilingual thesis monograph that focuses on how the migration of people and ideas transform the perception of popular culture and thus transforms design elements. The layout, colour palettes and texts aim to embrace and reflect the dynamism of translating between different cultural codes and lingos; on one hand German minimalism versus the saturated vitality of pan- African media.


Globalisation & Design Methods

An Introduction to the Contemporary Postcolonial
Pop Culture (2016/7)

Are all foreigners in the west urban? Are they all graffiti artists and rappers? Do they speak the same vocabulary as American musical and visual pop artists? Or are they producing work that is fuelled by different aesthetic vocabularies? Are their ideas built entirely on the foundations of western pop genres? Or are they referencing images and experiences mainstream global media hasn’t discovered yet? How does one tell the story of migration without making it sound like a charity advert?

In der Übung / im Workshop werden Arbeiten von Künstler*innen vorgestellt, die in der Diaspora mit Popkultur-Referenzen produzieren, und es werden, auf der Grundlage der gemeinsamen Diskussionen, eigene Arbeiten entwickelt.

Theory & Praxis Kunsthochschule Kassel

Image: [The gif’s text is Swahili and translates loosely into “the things that happen in the city”, reflecting on the rural-urban migration in Kenya to Nairobi …the city, the place where cultures change…]

Digital documentation 
Casting screens
Klasse Digitale Grafik of HFBK Hamburg within the Hamburg Open Online University framework

How do artists process and explore digital culture through screen recordings? What is the role and relevance of screencasts as an artistic medium for the depiction of digital culture? In which ways is this relatively young medium being used artistically?


Art Direction
Kassel Post Kolonial


A website design that involed an intense analysis and deconstruction of the aesthetic language as seen in the library of the Former Deutschen Kolonial School in Witzenhausen combined with a heightend awarness of the colour schemes of contemporary online Africa. 

Dokumenta 14  / The Parliament of Bodies 


What is the role of the designer when it comes to the deconstruction and construction of stereotypes? To what extent can a designer use design tools eg. software, scanner, printer inter alia and methods such as  editing, reduction, pixelation and abstraction to interpret and dismantle debasing trends. 

documenta 14

Heim@ / Dokumenta-Halle Kassel / Examenausstellung

A hommage to corrugated iron and its aesthetic significance in the architecture of upward mobility and informal economics. One has to start somewhere..and afterall these days home is online, right? ...hashtag# places to stay while developing, #hustle, #migration, #briefcase_office, #Africarising, #Nairobi, #where_do_you_belong, #remember_homezone?,#microcredit,  #home_is_where_Wlan_is, #Brennpunkt,#Stern, #Integrationscourse, #Niederlassung, #dual_citizenship, #touch_screenaway, #family_conference_calls, #glamoursingausländer

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