Design & Identity

Thesis focus point
Identity politics meet personal branding/ Ethical on your very own conscience / inspired by the economics of hope and the clash between the velocity of upward mobility and the
contentment of opulence.

Ni Sawa Hasa!  couldn’t be better!

A multilingual thesis monograph that focuses on how the migration of people and ideas transform the perception of popular culture and thus transforms design elements. The layout, colour palettes and texts aim to embrace and reflect the dynamism of translating between different cultural codes and lingos; on one hand German minimalism versus the saturated vitality of pan- African media.


Globalisation & Design Methods

Talk / dokumenta 14 / The Parliament of Bodies (2017)

What is the role of the designer when it comes to the deconstruction and construction of stereotypes? To what extent can a designer use design tools eg. software, scanner, printer inter alia and methods such as  editing, reduction, pixelation and abstraction to interpret and dismantle debasing trends. 

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